About the author

My name is Magnus Lindgren and I’ve been a web developer since the 1990s. I have been self employed and worked in the field since 1999. I’m an entrepeneur and I love to find and solve problems.

In 1996 I studied Informatics at Lund University in Sweden. It was during this period that I first started with web development. I allready knew alot about programming and was (and still am) fascinated by the ability to communicate through computers.

In 1999 I started my first company called Netro Systemutveckling AB (Swedish) togheter with a friend. We did alot of things togheter, among others we developed Visma Hemsida (Visma Homepage) and Visma Webshop for Visma SPCS in Sweden.

In 2009 I started New Seed, my current company. This company works in much the same areas ad Netro did but focuses more in innovation and development. Through this company I have also been a regular writer for the Swedish monthly magazine Datormagazin.

I consider myself to be an expert programmer and particullary developing web services. I have a long experience of e-commerce, e-services and general web development. I work mainly in open source. PHP, Perl, MySQL, Linux are tools and languages I master. I have also worked alot in VBScript, MSSQL, ASP, .NET and C# but not as frequent.