2013 – my wish list

Things I wish for (professionally) in 2013:

  • HTML5 comes to your tablet, smartphone, desktop, TV and preferably also toaster and refrigirator – HTML5 is allready in most of those devices, I just hope people will stop using the argument that HTML5 is not versatile or fast enough for most applications.
  • SEO where content is king – when link schemes and other black hat methods become secondary to creating great content.
  • Apple, Google, Samsung, Oracle and the rest… PLEASE STOP THE PATENT WARS!
  • Android invading the game console market – I really don’t know what to expect of this other than that an open source alternative in the console market seems like a good idea (see: Ouya, Game Stick and most recently Shield). This also brings console programming one step closer to my line of work.
  • Facebook doesn’t turn evil and sell my life to the highest bidder – I must believe this or I couldn’t keep using Facebook. I try and fool myself for another year.
  • Perl … please come back! (OK, Perl never left, but it could benefit from more popularity in my opinion)